QSC 8-channel CX168 amplifier now shipping
Friday, 19 April 2002
QSC 8-channel CX168 amplifier now shippingQSC's CX168 power amplifier.
QSC Audio’s new 8-channel CX168 power amplifier is now shipping in Europe. Housed in a compact 2U chassis and featuring QSC’s PowerWave switching power supply technology, active inrush limiting technology, and the renowned DataPort for remote system control purposes, the new CX168 features the world’s highest channel density in a compact, lightweight design.

The CX168 includes contractor-specific features that are standard among QSC’s entire CX Series, including detachable Phoenix-style input connectors that enable the system to be pre-wired prior to rack mounting. The CX168 offers 90W per channel at 8 ohms or 130W per channel at 4 ohms (with all channels driven). Other features include 1-dB recessed and detented gain controls and a custom security cover for tamper-proof installations, user-selectable high-pass filters to reduce transformer saturation and protect speakers and proportional response clip limiters that are independently defeatable.

The CX168 also features DataPort connectors, allowing each channel pair to be governed by QSControl, QSC’s audio networking system. This enables the system operator to control amplifier gain levels, check clipping and thermal status and monitor numerous additional system parameters. Further, the CX168 also allows for an interface with the DSP-3.

QSC’s new CX168 incorporates the Company’s highly regarded PowerWave switching power supply technology to virtually dispense any noise and hum. This powerful amplifier also features Active Inrush Limiting to eliminate AC inrush current, thus removing the need for expensive power sequencers. Combined with high thermal capacity and QSC’s unmatched reputation for reliability, the new CX168 is a versatile addition to the CX Series.

(Lee Baldock)

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