Hall Stage launches Dynaline
Tuesday, 19 March 2002
Hall Stage launches DynalineHall Stage's Dynaglide winches.
Following the successful launch of the Dynaglide winches in December, Hall Stage has launched a new range of Grid and General Purpose Pulleys. With safe working loads of up to 500kg, the Dynaline pulleys use a new composite, lubricated nylon sheave design and profile. The range features three diameters - 100mm, 150mm and 200mm - suitable for most stage applications and operations.

All units have shielded ball bearing sets for silent running and the new design allows a customer or specifier to pick any sheave combination with any fixing option. The Dynaline range is available from stock in any of the three sizes, with a safe working load of up to 500kg in the 200mm units - with any sheave/fittings combination.

(Ruth Rossington)

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