Soundcraft launches 328XD Digital Console
Tuesday, 29 January 2002
Soundcraft launches 328XD Digital ConsoleThe new 328XD digital mixing console from Soundcraft.
Soundcraft has introduced the 328XD digital mixing console, the next generation of the popular Digital 328 production mixer, now offering dynamics processing on every channel, group and mix path. With the 328XD, Soundcraft has further broadened the desk’s functionality from straight sound mixing to production and control of sequencers and desktop synths. This will enable it to be the production control center for computers, DAWs and dedicated hard disk recorders, including dynamic automation and moving faders.

Designed for use straight out of the box, the 328XD control surface needs little explanation, and virtually all functions are easily accessible through the mixer’s unique ‘E-Strip’. This can act as a horizontal channel strip, controlling EQ and aux sends, or a dynamics control panel, or as level controls for the tape returns.

The 328XD also boasts a new dynamics feature set, including: a Gate and Compressor/Limiter on every channel; configurable direct outputs that provide more opportunities for recording feeds; two high-resolution Lexicon effects processors; the ability to route effects to groups for recording; total status recall at power-up; and improved connectivity. For instance, the S/PDIF output can be available on Optical port as well as RCA/Phono. Wordclock termination is available for systems using multiple clock connections, and the console may be synchronized to embedded ADAT wordclock as well as numerous clock sources.

(Lee Baldock)

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