GaCo use MC2 for Latvian Council
Monday, 14 January 2002
MC2 Audio’s distributor in Latvia, GaCo Skanu Un Gaismu Serviss, has now completed the installation of a conference system for the Latvian Council of Ministers, the contract for which they won last summer. In their bid for the contract, GaCo included only top-end equipment by well known manufacturers. The company had previously purchased MC1250 amplifiers for their rental department, and so felt confident about the performance of MC2 Audio amps for this project.

The sound system in the Council of Ministers installation is driven by the MC450 amplifier and consists of four TCS-20 Turbosound speakers, with the main signal coming from 10 beyerdynamic MCS series digital conference system microphones, mixed by the MIX 10 beyerdynamic mixer.

(Lee Baldock)

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