Martin Cinema Systems in New West 12 Centre
Thursday, 3 January 2002
Martin Cinema Systems in New West 12 CentreThe West 12 Centre multiplex at Shepherds Bush, London.
Warner Village Cinemas have extended their relationship with Martin Audio cinema systems with the opening of the 12-screen West 12 Centre multiplex at Shepherds Bush. Forming part of the £20million redevelopment of the Concord Shopping Centre, the building of the latest Warner Village Cinemas site is part of a general renovation of the area, with design by architects the Colman Partnership.

The sound systems consist of Martin Audio Screen Series cabinets, which also featured recently in a number of screening rooms at the high-profile Warner Village Cinema complex at Star City, Birmingham, and in the Warner Bros. preview theatres in London. Warner Bros International Theatres' director of projection and technical equipment, Phil Crawley, confirmed that Martin Screen 4s and 5s are currently being adopted in new Warner Village Cinema multiplexes around the UK. Screen 5s and Screen Sub 1As are set conventionally as L/C/R systems in the two large Dolby Digital EX cinemas (Screens 9 and 12, with 386 and 284 seats respectively). The added cinema surround is provided by Martin Audio Effect 5s. Dolby Digital 5.1 features in the other screening rooms, where Martin Audio Screen 4s are in use.

The 3-way Screen 4 and Screen 5 full range systems boast dedicated midrange and high frequency sections, with the Screen 5 designed for larger-scale cinema environments. This system, which has been designed to meet the THX specification for 3-way screen systems, consists of a 2 x 15" low frequency section, plus a unique mid-range and high frequency horn which exhibits ideal pattern control across its operating range from 300Hz-20kHz.

(Ruth Rossington)

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