Zero 88 Discontinues Sirius 250 & 500
Thursday, 3 January 2002
As a result of continued problems with the supply of key components for the Sirius range, Zero 88 has announced that it is discontinuing production of its Sirius 250 and Sirius 500 desks. "This has been a difficult decision," explains Tim Burt, Zero 88's brand manager. "The Sirius has been a pioneering range for Zero 88, introducing a number revolutionary new features to the industry such as the Cueline graphical interface. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to source components for these desks, making manufacture and delivery unreliable. We do now have the complete Frog range in place and will be adding some new functionality to the Frog software in the New Year to make these desks even more powerful." Zero 88 will continue to support the product range with technical support and updated fixture data.

(Ruth Rossington)

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