David Hopkins OBE is new PLASA Chairman
Tuesday, 1 January 2002
Following our news in the last issue of the new members elected to the Executive Committee of PLASA, the internal election of the officer posts of chairman, vice-chairman and treasurer have been completed.

David Hopkins OBE, managing director of Audio Design Services, becomes the new chairman of PLASA, while Sammy DeHavilland (Dare Pro Audio) becomes vice-chairman and Tim Brown (Apple Sound) takes over from DeHavilland as treasurer.

Mick Hannaford, who stepped down as PLASA chairman at the end of 2002, had served in the role for three years, during which time he had overseen the introduction of PLASA’s programme of industry research, the expansion of PLASA’s service portfolio with the introduction of Ron Bonner (health and safety consultant) and Nicky Greet (training and development manager) to the PLASA head office staff, as well as the development of a strategic plan for the Association, which has been core to the continuing success of the Association.

Matthew Griffiths, managing director of PLASA, commented: "Each chairman is different in their own way, and Mick has been forthright, good-humoured and very committed - a quality which is common to all our chairmen. I think that everyone involved with the Association has benefited from his tenure, which successfully built on the achievements of his predecessor, Paul Adams of PA Installations. Although he is stepping down as chairman, Hannaford remains on the committee as a serving member. "I, like Mick, now relish the chance to work alongside David," continued Griffiths. "He’ll bring a wealth of committee experience to the role, which will benefit the association - particularly from the point of view of representation, and he’ll also be the first PLASA chairman from the PA/VA sector."

David Hopkins told us: "I would like to build on what’s already been achieved. PLASA’s main function is to support the membership using its collective strength and provide services and support which members would find difficult to achieve on their own. The term ‘Entertainment Technology’ has served us well, but it precludes those companies who are involved in emergency communication and voice alarm systems. As a leader, PLASA must continue to provide the highest level of support for standards, as well as to promote the training and education ethics amongst all members."

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