Spherical Projection by Hardware Xenon
Wednesday, 12 December 2001
Spherical Projection by Hardware Xenon
Hardware Xenon's projection balloon is an innovative solution to the problem of high quality projection in lit areas, particularly suited to exhibitions, conferences, product launches and events. This projection balloon (registered model) which gives a very bright spherical image, can be placed at the top of a mast or hung in trussing.

The spherical balloon is inflated with air and classified M1 non-inflammable. The standard model is two metres in diameter and is placed at the top of a mast 3.4 metres high. This fits into the space normally available in exhibitions between the top of the stands and the authorized maximum height of five meters. At this height the balloon can be seen from afar, while the occupied ground space under the balloon is reduced to a minimum: the aluminium mast required is only 12cm square. For clients with particular needs, balloons of different diameters and masts of different heights can be provided.

The image covers two thirds of the sphere, it is sharp over the entire projected area, and the lighting is even. This innovation is possible thanks to the use of a 4000W OLS (Optimal Light System) projector equipped with a very wide angle lens with a very great depth of field, designed and manufactured by Hardware Xenon. The projector can hold 100 images and the projected image can scroll and turn in all directions.

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