PSA: Collection for WTC Widow
Monday, 22 October 2001
The Production Services Association has opened a collection for the widow of Danny Lee, who had been working as a set carpenter on the Back Street Boys’ tour. Danny was killed aboard American Airlines flight 11 which hit the World Trade Centre’s South Tower on 11th September. Danny, 34, was returning home from Boston to Los Angeles to be with his 30 year old wife, Kellie, for the birth of their second daughter. Two days later she gave birth to a healthy, 8lb 2oz baby named Allison Danielle.

Danny had been on Patrick Stansfield’s staff for some years. More recently he had toured with N’Sync, Yanni, Bette Midler, Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand. A fund has been set up in Los Angeles for the benefit of Danny’s widow and, at the request of the trustees of the PSA Welfare & Benevolent Fund, the PSA has set up a bank account to collect and consolidate UK and European donations and forward them to the fund.

The aim is to give the entertainment industry fraternity in Europe the opportunity to express its sympathy in a very practical way and to minimize the effect of foreign exchange and bank transfer charges. The Backstreet Boys have given generous help to Kellie, and last week Stansfield put together a crew to help Kellie and her family move to her parents’ home in Pennsylvania, the removal being paid for by American Airlines. The family themselves traveled in a tour bus provided by Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks.

Donation cheques should be made out and sent to: PSA Danny Lee Collection, Centre Court, 1301 Stratford Road, Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 9HH.

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