Middle Atlantic Products' Major Expansion
Tuesday, 9 October 2001
In a move that more than doubles the amount of space available to house its Canadian distribution and operations centre, Middle Atlantic Products has opened its new Ottawa-based headquarters facility. In making the move to the new location, the company increased its available space from 22,000 to 50,000sq.ft, allowing it to maintain more stock on site andaffording more room for its operations staff to better serve their customers.

"The increased storage capacity allows us to ship substantially more product from available stock to our customers throughout Eastern and Central Canada," explains Neil Andison, president of Middle Atlantic Products Canada. "This will significantly cut down the lead time involved in fulfilling an order." The company has not only expanded floor space but height as well, moving from a building with 16ft ceilings to one with 28ft ceilings, further increasing storage capacity. The new facility also features a product showroom in which current and potential customers can view and work firsthand with Middle Atlantic's line of rack enclosure systems and furniture solutions. Middle Atlantic Products Canada is now located at 113 Iber Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K2S 1E7, Canada. Telephone +1 888 766-9770.

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