PSS Arrives in UK Through Lamba
Wednesday, 26 September 2001
PSS Arrives in UK Through Lamba
Lamba plc gave a PLASA Show debut to the PSS range of amplification from France, having recently acquired the distribution rights for the UK. The products’ innovative chassis design is matched by a cooling system, which blows fresh air directly towards the power transistors, allowing greater cooling and a more uniform temperature to the output stage.

PSS’ high headroom, dual transformer supplies independent power to both channels, providing extra power for the musical transients. This technology reduces background noise and results in an excellent signal-to-noise ratio. Meanwhile, new exclusive component placement design on the PCB creates the highest quality sound this type of amplifier can deliver. PSS amplifiers are equipped with high-grade components, including stainless steel encased bipolar power transistors for optimum cooling, extensive circuitry protection, 1% precision metal-film resistors and polyester capacitors, ensuring clear and accurate sound reproduction, along with variable speed fan and dual four LED front panel indicators, to monitor all critical amplifier functions. The three-model series comprises the PSS-500 (2 x 250W/4 ohms), PSS 1000 (2 x 500W/4 ohms) and PSS-2000 (2 x 1000W/4 ohms).

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