Vari-Lite’s Major Sale Via EML
Monday, 24 September 2001
EML Productions, based in Holland and Belgium, has confirmed the purchase of two substantial Vari-Litecontrol console and Series 2000 luminaire systems from Vari-Lite Europe in London. The systems are destined for two major new European productions: Joop van den Ende Theatre Productions have purchased one for Disney’s production of Aida in Holland, with Stage Holding Germany spec’ing one for Disney’s The Lion King in Hamburg.

In total, EML Productions has purchased four of the new Vari-Lite Virtuoso DX compact control consoles, along with 92 VL2202 spot luminaires and 61 VL2402 wash luminaires. Disney’s production of Aida at Schedenend in Holland marks the first time this production, which opens in October, has been seen in Europe. To light it, EML Productions in Belgium is supplying Joop van den Ende with two Virtuoso DX consoles, 59 VL2202 spot luminaires and 27 VL2402 wash luminaires. The show’s lighting designer, Natasha Katz, along with associate LD Daniel Walker and associate automated lighting designer Aland Henderson worked closely with Vari-Lite, to take care of some of the specific artistic needs that are unique to this production. It’s the first time that the Series 2000 range of luminaires have been used on an Aida production, and will also be one of the biggest Vari-Lite rigs ever seen in Holland.

The new production of Disney’s The Lion King in Hamburg is also the first time this internationally-acclaimed show has employed Series 2000 luminaires and Virtuoso DX control consoles. For this production, lighting designer Donald Holder, together with associate lighting designer Jeanne Koenig, Lion King technical director for Stage Holding, Ivo Schob, and associate automated lighting designer Aland Henderson worked closely with Vari-Lite to ensure the artistic and technical needs of the show were met with these latest Vari-Lite products. The equipment list includes two Virtuoso DX consoles, 33 VL2202 spot luminaires and 34 VL2402 wash luminaires.

The rig, purchased by EML Productions’ Holland office from Vari-Lite Europe in London, has been supplied to Stage Holding Germany for the show.

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