DHA Lighting Appoints New Dealers
Thursday, 20 September 2001
Since the end of 2000, DHA Lighting has been marketing its products direct through stockists in Europe, Scandinavia and Asia. Now with an international network of nearly 30 stockists, illustrating the company's growing international reputation and continuing its impressive rate of worldwide expansion, DHA Lighting's most recently appointed dealers are Audio Light Asia (Singapore) and Bon Studio (Greece). AC Lighting has also been appointed as a DHA stockist.

With a history dating back from the early 1970s, AC is one of the largest distributors of lighting equipment. Based in High Wycombe and Leeds, AC has long been a DHA dealer but will now stock a variety of products. As one of Singapore's leading lighting suppliers, Audio Light Asia has long been aware of DHA's products and services and will now stock a range of DHA gobos, moving effects and the Gecko. One of the largest distributors in Greece working on behalf of all the major brands in the industry is DHA's newest dealer, Bon Studio. With two branches in Athens and another in Thessalonika, Bon Studio has a workforce of over 70 and will stock the full range of DHA products, from gobos to indexers and rotators, to Digital Light Curtains.

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