Fourth Phase gets Political
Wednesday, 19 September 2001
‘Ken's Bright Idea’ was the headline in the Evening Standard when Fourth Phase London projected Tory leader hopeful Ken Clarke's telephone number onto the outside of the Conservative Central Office in London's Smith Square. Following problems getting phone numbers to the voters, Ken Clarke's campaign party opted to project his phone number where as many members of the Conservative party as possible would see it. A press gathering was organized at the last minute and the operation was undertaken in true military style.

Fourth Phase London took the phone number to DHA Lighting where the file was modified in Adobe Illustrator, formatted to be run out on a film setter, run out, cut to size and mounted in slide frames. Then on August 22, a generator truck with James Hall and Tim Probert of Fourth Phase on board to operate a 6kW PANI projector, parked outside the Central Office. With the projection lined up, the lights were turned on for the press at 9.45pm. The projected telephone number was for a recorded message featuring Ken and his supporters flaunting his merits in a radio broadcast.

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