Korea-based Avix is Tannoy’s Best New Distributor
Wednesday, 19 September 2001
Tannoy Professional has presented its ‘Best New Distributor’ Award to Avix Tech, based in Seoul, South Korea. Sean Martin, Tannoy's international sales manager, explained: "Avix's business this last fiscal year has been nothing short of outstanding for a new distributor. We usually allow a couple of years for distributors to settle in, but Avix hit the ground running and has achieved tremendous results in the last 18 months, which is why they have been awarded this accolade. I can only put their success down to Avix's excellent staff training, attention to detail, confidence in the brand, and their sheer enthusiasm to win business. These factors have enabled them to achieve almost 200% of their target, which naturally we are extremely happy about and long may it continue."

Jin Doo Lee from Avix commented: "Just a year doing business with Tannoy has resulted in a large increase in our business. A growing number of people in the industry now recognize Tannoy's quality and we are doing best to further this reputation here in Korea."

Founded in 1992, Avix began by importing and installing premium quality professional audio equipment in the public broadcasting, video & audio engineering markets. By 1993, the company also began to design sound systems for major concert halls, art galleries, museums and churches in Korea. Although a relatively young company, Avix has become one of the top sound system brand names in Korea and continues to contribute to the progress of high quality sound system through ongoing training for system designers and after-sales service personnel.

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