Selecon Pacific Lights ‘My Fair Lady’
Wednesday, 5 September 2001
Selecon Pacific Lights ‘My Fair Lady’photo credit: Michael Le Poer Trench
In its West End debut, Selecon's unique 80volt Pacific is being used to show Eliza Doolittle and Professor Henry Higgins in the best possible light in Cameron Mackintosh's new production of My Fair Lady at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in London. After an initial run at the National Theatre, the show, lit by top lighting designer, David Hersey, has transferred to the much larger stage at Drury Lane. With an output equivalent to a 2.5kW light, the Pacific provides the effect of sunlight streaming through the four large windows of the professor's study.

Bryan Raven, general manager of White Light who supplied all the lighting for the show, explains. "The phone call came half way through the focus period of the West End transfer of the acclaimed National Theatre production of My Fair Lady. It was lighting designer David Hersey: did White Light have anything brighter than a 750W Source Four available? Hersey was focusing the 'opening curtain' toplight window gobos for the show: four lanterns fitted with DHA's new YoYo+ indexing gobo yoyo and glass window gobos. On cue, the yoyos are used to slide gobos with a curtain edge profile across the glass window gobo, creating the effect of curtains being opened. With the lighting rig for the Drury Lane version of the show consisting largely of 750W Source Fours, the effect somehow just wasn't cutting through. But the requirements were slightly more complicated than just a brighter lantern: any replacement also had to offer a cool gate in order to protect the yoyo and gobos from heat damage."

White Light arranged a series of demonstrations, and Selecon's European market manager, Mike Goldberg, brought in one of the lower-voltage 1200W Pacifics. The unit proved to be the ideal solution, and White Light purchased four 80v Selecon Pacifics. DHA adapted the YoYo+s to fit the new lanterns, which also have Wybron colour scrollers mounted to them to allow the creation of different coloured light through the show.

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