UK First for Chameleon at PLASA
Tuesday, 4 September 2001
In what is claimed to be a UK first, high-end touring and installation manufacturer Chameleon Audio is exhibiting its Mac- and PC-compatible digital audio control system at PLASA. Developed over the last 18 months, it utilizes Apple Computers FireWire and Yamaha’s mLAN technologies.

Chameleon Audio managing director, Paul Houlden, decided to develop the system for several reasons. "Firstly, I feel remote control of audio equipment is the way forward and, secondly, there is an increasing demand from live sound companies for this type of technology. When substantial numbers of amplifiers and speakers are operated or flown in remote locations in large concert venues and stadia, should a fault occur, immediate detection of what piece of equipment has malfunctioned is virtually impossible without a sophisticated control system. Chameleon’s digital audio control system addresses these potential problems in a constructive manner by monitoring the performance, so any aural glitches can be instantly pinpointed. Anything that speeds up this analysis has got to be beneficial," adds Houlden.

One of the first to express an interest in the digital audio control system was Britannia Row Productions, who, following a series of trials at a variety of indoor and outdoor concerts throughout the summer, have purchased a range of Chameleon amplifiers. Other applications which Houlden envisages include the potential of FireWire (IEEE 1394) in remote control and audio crossover instructions, allowing further speedy development of this system and, hopefully, a standard across the industry.

Chameleon can be found on Stand R53

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