Pioneer to Launch New twin-CD Player
Wednesday, 29 August 2001
Pioneer is launching its next generation twin-CD player, the CMX-3000, at PLASA 2001. Stylishly designed, with black rubberized buttons and a carbon finish, the CMX-3000 incorporates ground-breaking features only previously seen on Pioneer’s CDJ-1000, such as Wave display, onboard memory, hot cues and new pitch bend buttons. It also boasts a high-quality scratch mode, which allows scratching, scratch cue and backspin. The CMX-3000 brings the twin-CD player platform not only to the mobile DJ but also to small clubs, music bars and serious bedroom DJs. The Wave Display, patented to Pioneer, is a visual mapping of the landscape of each track. This is graphically represented in the display panel, showing the peaks and lows in the WAVE, and thereby guaranteeing accurate cueing on CD.

A further creative highlight of the CMX-3000 is the Hot Cue/Loop function, which memorizes up to either three cue or loop points per CD. These can be recalled by hitting any of the three buttons, great for remixing or over dubbing. All Cue and Loops can be BPM synced. Additionally, a rescue button is at hand, with the world's first Emergency Loop feature which sets a four-beat seamless loop - an indispensable feature if a track is about to end and the DJ has failed to cue up the next track. The presence of Pitch Bend and rubberized buttons, in particular, are a direct response to consumer feedback, and show the degree to which Pioneer has been prepared to listen, and respond to, the marketplace.

With its new CMX template Pioneer has also re-iterated industry issues of durability head on. Commencing with the installation-specific CMX-5000 they have broken free from the limitations of CD tray transports, favoured by competitive brands. Pioneer purposely utilizes a slot-loading design which not only makes changing CDs quicker and easier, but also more importantly, is less susceptible to damage and the transfer of dirt and dust onto the laser reader.

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