PRG Announces Return of Founding Brand
Thursday, 23 August 2001
Production Resource Group L.L.C.(PRG), a leading provider of entertainment technology products and services, has announced a plan for one of its divisions to aggressively promote and develop its core entertainment production services business. Over the past 23 years, the PRG family of companies has grown into the leading entertainment technology resource from a collection of small organizations - each a pioneer in its own right - that thrived through their passion for theatre and live performance. The branch offering custom scenic fabrication and related services is embracing its roots with the restoration of its original name and management.

For approximately two years, Harris Production Services and Scenic Technologies, the original, founding companies of PRG, had been bundled and branded with more recent acquisitions as Entolo, with the intention of more effectively promoting PRG's overall capabilities rather than focusing on a group of brands each with their own distinct business. Moving forward, the New Windsor and Manhattan, NY, Las Vegas, NV and Orlando, FL locations will be identified by their former brand name, Scenic Technologies. The Minneapolis and Houston locations will retain the Entolo name and continue to develop the retail and trade show business. While Scenic Technologies will continue to service those markets, its main focus will remain live entertainment productions and other entertainment-related environments, particularly in Broadway and touring theatre, corporate events and industrial shows, concert touring, and casino and theme park environments.

This effort will be led by original co-founder of Scenic Technologies, Fred Gallo, who will be appointed president. Fred's lifetime experience in all aspects of the realization of entertainment productions will reinforce the intentions of this shift, along with a revitalized logo and an entirely new website set to launch in the autumn. "With Fred's leadership, Scenic Technologies will move forward with a foundation firmly grounded in entertainment production services. As the counterpart to both Fourth Phase and ProMix Electrotec, the evolution of Scenic Technologies clearly fulfills the vision of PRG," says Jere Harris, Chairman and CEO.

Fellow co-founders Roy Sears and John Wolf will play significant leadership roles, affirming the restoration of the Scenic Technologies brand and the company's direction for growth moving forward. With support from Brian Ashmead, now based in New Windsor, the team will focus on the development of the corporate event market.

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