Voyager Automates SZM Studio 6
Monday, 20 August 2001
Voyager Automates SZM Studio 6Monopoles in the revamped SZM Studio 6: Due to the low studio ceiling, a special structure has to be designed, which resulted in a height gain of 1m.
The transtechnik group has been commissioned by SZM Studios GmbH (Munich broadcasting centre) to install a whole new lighting system as well as Voyager automatic positioning systems in their Munich-based SZM Studio 6. This overhaul of the 350sq.m studio (a project worth EUR 1.43 million) is scheduled to be completed by August 2001.

The project involves fitting 114 monopole hoists including 2kW Fresnel lens spotlights (Arri Studio) to the studio's 19m x 14m grid ceiling. A Voyager system will control the vertical positioning of the monopoles, which will be supplied via 2.5kW channels. Due to the large number of monopoles, there will be no need for any horizontal positioning. However, since the studio ceiling is currently too low for a standard monopole installation, a special structure has had to be designed to hold the monopoles. This allows for a height gain of 1m. For lighting the studio cyclorama, a two-rail system (Helm 100) will also be provided, which uses a special lowering mechanism developed by transtechnik.

The scenery hoist system installed by transtechnik with 24 hoists (Gerriets P250JR) will also be controlled by a Voyager system. The scenery hoists will include a pipe for flying audio, video and special effects equipment. To suit the studio's Ethernet cabling, transtechnik will also supply two Focus NT lighting consoles equipped with Ethernet interfaces. Signals will be converted from Ethernet to classic DMX format in the dimmer room.

Originally, SZM Studio 6 was split into two smaller studios (6A and 6B) by means of a dividing wall. One of these was used as a production facility by the news broadcaster N24. With the recent relocation of N24 to Berlin, however, the dividing wall was no longer necessary and was removed.

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