AEI Music Launches New XtraMusic Service
Monday, 20 August 2001
August 2001 sees the launch of the new XtraMusic service from AEI Music. The new satellite service offers instant access to 47 channels of professionally programmed music for every genre, without the need for complex and expensive hardware or software. XtraMusic offers 47 channels of programmed music of every genre, from current chart hits and dance music to jazz, blues and the independent scene. Special events present no problem for XtraMusic with a range of channels, such as Salsa, 70s, 80s etc, perfect for theme nights. Using the latest digital technology XtraMusic is broadcast via satellite 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With no adverts and no CDs or tapes to change or replace the music is completely uninterrupted. No complex hardware or software is needed just a 60cm satellite dish, an XtraMusic listening card and a satellite receiver - all easily connected to an existing sound system. An unlimited number of zones can be run off just one satellite dish.

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