NXT-based PA Speakers Launched
Monday, 20 August 2001
NXT, the developer of flat-panel loudspeaker technologies, has launched a new PA speaker system, featuring its SurfaceSound technology, in Europe and Asia. The system will be marketed in Europe by Carlsbro, a leading PA and music instrument amplification manufacturer based in the UK as the 'nlightn' and has been exhibited in prototype in Asia at PALA by Architectural Audio, part of the Singapore-based Swee Lee Group.

The new NXT-based PA speakers represent a departure from existing technology. Features of SurfaceSound include the fact that the dispersion characteristics from each of the PA speakers cover a 180° arc across all frequencies within their bandwidth so that there is no change in clarity, irrespective of the listening angle. Aside from the acoustic qualities of the flat panel speakers, NXT also offers a lightweight and compact design. Free of the heavy magnets of other speakers, NXT PA speakers can be easily transported. Additionally NXT speakers are capable of carrying images and pictures and can be adapted to carry the logo of a performing band in much the same way, for instance, as a drum kit does today.

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