Vivid Launch at PLASA
Thursday, 9 August 2001
Forget three-phase power supplies, water-cooling, unreliable performance and costly maintenance, plug and play lasers are definitely the way ahead according to laser firm VIVID. By plugging into a standard 13amp socket crisp, pin-sharp graphics and animated images can be thrown from the lightweight laser with the bonus of high speed digital blanking. With each image as a separate entity the permutations for all manner of presentations is endless, says Mike Lister, managing director of Vivid.

Lister has teamed up with Clive Davies, the technical mind behind Laser Electronics, to form Vivid, which is based in brand new 12,000sq.ft high-tech headquarters in Wakefield. Vivid manufactures a rotor moulded, stylish lightweight case which can be colour-matched to any interior. Each unit weighs less than 15 kilos and can be daisy-chained like any intelligent lighting rig. Vivid claims it's the only company in the UK to have designed its own electronic hardware and software, including the actual laser diode, which enables technical specifications to be written around the specific requirements of the entertainment industry. Together with the laser head, the company has produced its own PC-based control system, which makes the usual daunting task of laser programming child’s play. Each highly portable unit can be remotely programmed over the internet for punching out advertising messages. Free software upgrades will be available with each PC-based control system as and when new features come on line.

The company is already hinting that it may launch a 3D version and multiple colour diodes lasers and is confident that 500 units will be sold during the firm's first trading year. Customers buying the current version will automatically receive the full 3-D engine version at no extra cost, when it becomes available. Two years ago Liverpool's Superclub Cream installed a system and Vivid recently equipped the BBC Radio One Twilo arena at the Homelands Festival with several high-spec solid-state systems.

Vivid can be found on stand K26.

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