Let there be Lightforce 2
Wednesday, 8 August 2001
Building on the success of its original Lightforce speaker enclosures, Italian specialist PA builder FBT is set to launch its new Lightforce 2 series at this year’s PLASA show, on the Proel International stand. For users who demand wood - not moulded plastic - enclosures, Lightforce 2 offers a unique solution - the sound quality and substance of wood, but with lightweight, due to FBT’s poplar ply construction method. The Lightforce 2 range comes in both passive and active bi-amped versions. Total component reliability is ensured thanks to FBT’s ADAP electronic transducer protection system and the carpet-covered asymmetrical trapezoidal enclosures incorporate several unique features that make them easy to adapt for flying, stacking or installation uses.

Models in the unpowered Lightforce 2 range run from the two-way LF32 1x10" plus 1" compression driver, which will handle 150/300W RMS, through 12" versions up to the LF62, with its 15" plus 1" compression driver, handling 300/600W RMS. Powered models in the Lightforce 2 range run from the bi-amped LF32A 150 plus 50W RMS enclosure, through a 12" 200 plus 50W version, to the bi-amped LF62A, delivering 300 plus 50W.

Also on the Proel International stand will be the UK debut of Discotech’s new spinHEAD, whose specification, say the company, equals that of moving heads costing twice the price. SpinHEAD offers 2.4 revolutions per second continuous pan rotation, six revolutions per second continuous tilt rotation, 16 gobos plus open, 14 colours plus white, variable speed rainbow effect, independent shutter, strobe effect up to 10Hz, seven DMX channels, digital display and a lamp life of up to 2,000 hours.

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