TOA Intelligent VM-2000 Amplifiers
Friday, 3 August 2001
TOA’s VM-2000 Series amplifiers are designed to allow for expansion as requirements increase. For example, if the standard five loudspeaker zones are not enough, the unit can be linked to another unit for servicing an additional five zones and doubling the power output. Optional accessories and related equipment are available to meet specific requirements and enhance a unit's operational scope. The VM-2000 Series conforms to most international emergency sound system standards and requirements such as IEC60849.

The VM-2000 Series also offers intelligent self-diagnosis capability. When a VM-2000 Series unit is fitted with the optional SV-200M Surveillance Board, the unit gains the ability to conduct automatic system-wide checks for open or shorted speaker lines and ground leakage as well as other malfunctions, simplifying maintenance and other routine system tasks as well as instantly alerting operators when a fault occurs. And of course, the VM-2000 Series is ready for failsafe operation with backup 24V battery power to ensure uninterrupted operation.

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