Geni’s PLASA Launches
Monday, 23 July 2001
At PLASA 2001, Geni Electronics plans to launch a host of new products, including the OBY 5 575W moving head. This value for money fixture boasts powerful features including smooth and silent movement 570-degree pan and 270-degree tilt, two separate wheels with 11-dichroic colours plus white, 9+1 fixed gobos and 6+1 revolving gobos, allocated in two gobo wheels, various special effect lenses such as revolving three-facet prism, 10,000K and 6500K temperature correction filter, 3200K temperature correction filter, 1-7 flashes per second strobe, 0-100% mechanical dimmer, IRIS linear adjustment and automatic focus.

Geni is also launching the BURST 2X/4X - a 360-degree barrel scan effect with die-cast aluminum case. The first 360-degree full-barrel effect, the Burst-2X/4X generates spinning, flipping 14 colored images in all directions. The DMX controlled fixture can utilize HSD200 / MSD200 or HSR400 / MSR400 lamps.

Finally, the MIZAR-12 graces the top of the Geni scanner range. Effects include five rotating gobos, six stationary gobos, eight dichroic colors plus white, colour correction, rotating prism, wash, iris, focus, strobe and dimming. Separate gobo wheels create great overlay effects, and gobos are exchangeable.

Geni can be found on Stand J41

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