Crest Goes to School
Monday, 9 July 2001
Crest Audio Professional series amplifiers, supplied by The Sound Department, will be used to power the sound on a series of school discos with a difference. Provided by Tarsin Entertainments for promoter Bobby Sanchez, matched with ASS scoop bins and JBL Venue series mid-tops, the combination is deemed to deliver the perfect 1970s sound Sanchez is looking to achieve for his risqué nights at Hammersmith Palais and other venues, where his clientèle come dressed in school uniforms. In Hammersmith, the sound is complemented at balcony level by the flown in-house system. "Since he plays 1970s music, he wants to achieve a sound reminiscent of the era," says Tarsin’s Peter Dyer. "The event takes place once a week at Hammersmith and it’s a fabulous night out."

The mobile rig’s bottom end is driven by four Crest 8001s, the mid-section by four 6001s and the top by four 4801’. "The idea with ‘School Disco’ is that it’s run like a party and Bobby likes to get everyone up on the dancefloor," said Dyer. "The CD-driven system is loaded into a drive rack and Bobby is absolutely delighted with the type of sound produced by the new sound rig."

Dyer’s relationship with Sanchez (who is also one of the DJs), extends back to the Notting Hill Carnival and the Mayflower in Balham, when he was also using Tarsin’s ASS equipment.

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