CT’s iLITE 6 Showcase
Wednesday, 4 July 2001
CT’s iLITE 6 Showcase
Creative Technology hosted a major launch for the new Barco iLite 6 high resolution indoor product at Tiger Tiger in London’s West End, in a showcase that saw many leading production companies and agencies throughout the UK having a chance to see the system for the first time.

Called ‘the video plate’ it is Barco’s response to the growing market demand for indoor high-resolution daylight displays. The iLite 6 takes the achievements of SMD technology (three colours in one) and builds on them, offering a 6mm resolution with an extremely high light output, colour uniformity, contrast, flexibility - and seamless pictures. Each panel weighs 28lbs, and with a depth of just 5in, the iLite 6 is rated at a light output of over 2000 NIT. Creative Technology has already debuted the modular system on both sides of the Atlantic - at ITN’s purpose-built election studio in Holborn, and the E3 electronic games show Los Angeles - but this was the first opportunity for many prospective users to view it at close quarters.

In CT’s hire fleet the Barco iLite 6 will complement Lighthouse Technologies’ LVP-102D 10mm screen, which is ideal for larger conventions and exhibitions where audiences are viewing from a distance. While the i6's greatly increased resolution makes it ideal for smaller video screen sizes (down to 2.5sq.m) visitors were also able to witness the high quality graphics representation on the larger display at Tiger Tiger. The modular format also allows unusually-shaped screen displays to be integrated within the geometric of the overall design concept. Guy Mapley, CT’s director of sales, commented: "From the feedback we have generated today, we would expect to see the iLite 6 quickly establishing itself on product launches, exhibitions and corporate events." Creative Technology chief executive, Graham Andrews (left) is pictured with technical director, Andy Hawker.

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