VL Lights the Way for Aerosmith
Tuesday, 3 July 2001
Vari-Lite is lighting the way for rock-n-roll greats, Aerosmith, during the band's Just Push Play tour. Earlier this month, the band performed at the first of 50 US cities it will visit over a three-month period this summer before touring the rest of the world later this year and into 2002. The shows feature the use of the Virtuoso console. Lighting designer Jim Chapman is using 84 Vari*Lite luminaires combined with the control of the Virtuoso console, operated by lighting operator and programmer Benny Kirkham, to light the famous band. Chapman's rig includes 16 VL2416 wash luminaires, 14 VL2402 wash luminaires, 26 VL5Arc wash luminaires and 28 VL6C spot luminaires. "I like using a mixture of the old school type of lighting and the more current type of computer lighting," said Chapman. "Vari-Lite has always been the front-runner with computerized lights, and the VL2402 is just an awesome light. The intensity and the colours that you're getting out of the new lights are unbelievable. The Vari*Lite luminaires are very sporty and sexy looking, and because of their low profile construction, you're able to place them in areas where you wouldn't be able to get another computerized light. Every time the other guys are about to catch up, Vari-Lite comes out with something new - something that's miles ahead of everyone else."

Chapman, who has been lighting shows since 1971 and uses Vari*Lite luminaires about 90% of the time, designed the Aerosmith show to have a great deal of moving light and a wide array of colours - both tasks that are made simple with the Virtuoso. "The new board is just so nice," he said. "It's got so many features it just makes life so easy, and our programming time was unbelievably quick."

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