First Ever Digital Tourguide System
Monday, 25 June 2001
First Ever Digital Tourguide System
GuidePort is a unique 'intelligent' visitor audio guide system from Sennheiser. It employs the very latest multiple-channel, digital wireless transmission technology to provide an almost limitless degree of functionality, in providing a soundtrack to any visitor attraction.

By the use of digital sound transmission techniques and cellular-based computer network control, a virtually unique visitor experience can be provided, incorporating multiple languages, any number of different levels of description - with separate soundtracks for children, adults, locals, tourists, experts or even individual visitor groups - each visitor experiencing a soundtrack specific to their chosen route through the attraction, automatically received as they approach each exhibit or enter an area of the attraction. Thus any number of 'different' tours can occur continuously and simultaneously.

Additionally multi-lingual film or video soundtrack can be effectively incorporated within the visitor tour at the relevant positions en route, as can announcements of relevant special events and presentations. If a personal guided tour is required, a handheld guide transmitter is available, with only those members of the particular tour group able to receive the guide's transmission. The versatility of the GuidePort system is also unique. Rearranging exhibits or assigning new audio to particular areas or exhibits is a simple procedure that can be achieved without either shutting down or altering in any way those parts of the exhibition that do not require to be affected. GuidePort also plays an active part in the continued development of an attraction, recording visitor activity in relation to specific areas and exhibits, showing those areas most and least popular, and recording visitor flow throughout the site.

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