Fuzion With Terry Tew
Wednesday, 30 May 2001
Fuzion has recently supplied Terry Tew Sound and Light with 18 Nexo PS-8 loudspeakers and a further eight PS-15s, complete with the requisite controllers to add to their hire stock in order to keep pace with the increasing amount of TV work on their books. The PS-15 purchase now brings Terry Tew's total stock count of PS-15s up to around 50 cabinets. The latest show for which the PS-8s were purchased specifically is Slap Bang, the new Saturday night prime time entertainment show on LWT with Ant and Dec featuring celebrity guests, music, competitions and comic sketches. As well as Slap Bang, Terry Tew Sound and Light continues to supply SM:TV and CD-UK with Nexo sound systems for all of their audio requirements.

On Slap Bang, eight PS-8s have been flown in custom cradles in four separate two-way clusters for audience infill while a further six are located on the floor for speech reinforcement and cueing purposes. The remaining four PS-8s have gone onto SM:TV and CD-UK for additional speech coverage for the audience. Slap Bang also uses a number of PS-15 monitors for the music items, with Toploader being the latest stars to put them through their paces.

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