Slingco Netting the Market
Wednesday, 23 May 2001
Slingco Netting the Market
Theatres in London, Manchester and Brighton have become the latest in a growing number of performing arts venues to use a high-tensile wire grid system to deliver safe and easy access to high level lighting and sound equipment. In each case, the system specified has been Cablenet, a product designed and manufactured by Slingco Ltd, a family-owned company based in Rochdale and one that has virtually captured the market since becoming the first UK company to install a wire grid system just four years ago.

The last three months have seen contracts totalling over £150,000 completed with Cablenet systems being installed at the Brighton Dome Museum, Stratford Performing Arts Centre (SPAC) and the Zion Art Centre, joining a client list that already includes RADA, Bridgewater Hall and the Tron Theatre among its members. The Cablenet system consists of high-tensile steel cable woven and tensioned within a frame - like a tennis racket - to create a platform strong enough to carry the weight of lighting and sound engineers. The key feature is that these platforms are virtually invisible from ground level and cast no shadows from the stage lighting positioned above.

A typical Cablenet system is suspended from the roof using vertical hangers, Architectural features such as columns can be accommodated and the system can also incorporate sleeves to allow the movement of cable-suspended equipment as required. This versatility can be used to satisfy any space, shape or practical issues: the Brighton Dome installation, for instance, is doughnut-shaped with a large hole in the middle to allow a complete lighting rig to be raised and lowered through the net.

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