Barco at Italian Museum of Cinema
Wednesday, 23 May 2001
Barco’s high-performance projection systems have been selected for the Italian Museum Cinema in Turin. This tall museum in Antonelli’s Mole covers 3200sq.m, and is full of cinema exhibits. Euphon, one of Italy’s leading specialists in broadcast, communication and AV integration, has installed 10 Barco 708 Series CRT and 2 Barco 6000 Series LCD projectors. They were chosen because of the unmatched image quality. The Museum of Cinema, an ancient Temple of the Jewish Community, is home to five levels of exhibitions with thousands of film posters, photographs, books, periodicals, paintings, prints and film equipment. A journey through the magic of film provides the visitors a course on the archeology of cinema and the various stages of film production to end in the spectacular and immense Temple Hall, the heart of the museum. In this area, visitors can relax, watch two Italian 35mm films and enjoy the extraordinary video and light show, which runs every 18 minutes. Surrounding this central hall, the audience can visit 10 chapels, dedicated to the history of cinema.

Euphon was chosen to work out the impressive audio-visual installation for the museum project. This leading Italian audio-visual integrator designed a tailor-made solution, based on the requirements for every specific zone of the building. On the first level, dedicated to pre-cinema, Barco’s 6000 Series LCD projection technology provides the visitors with very bright and sharp video images. In addition, each of the ‘chapels’ around the Temple Hall is equipped with a Barco 708 Series CRT projector. Euphon completed the audio-visual installation by providing sound systems, hard-disc players, minidisc decks, CRT and plasma monitors, as well as video and audio control equipment.

Massimo Moretto, project leader for Euphon, said: "The hardware for the museum was selected according to the specific requirements for each zone. After comparative tests with various projector models, we opted for the Barco technology. Featuring the ‘LIDO’ digital line doubler function, the BARCO 708 CRT projectors provided us with the image quality needed to display the filmed sequences in the ‘chapels’."

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