Mirage Colour Mixing System
Tuesday, 22 May 2001
The long awaited release of the NJD Mirage Colour Mixing System has arrived. Shown in its prototype 12V format at the PLASA Show 2000 the Mirage has received eight more months’ development and now boasts many additional features including a 30V version that now allows up to 64 heads to be connected to one power pack. The Mirage works on the RGB colour-mixing principle. By using microprocessors to mix minute amounts of colour from the three 50W dichroic filtered lamps, a choice of 65,000 colours can be projected onto any convenient surface. Accessories include, a downlighter kit for flush fitting (with a choice of black, white, silver and gold cover plates); a swivel bracket fitting for surface-mounting or 'G' clamping, that can be pointed in any direction and at any angle; an uplighter bracket to enable subtle wall illumination (particularly useful for low ceilings); and an uplighter shroud to hide the fitting if desired, enabling the Mirage to blend in with existing decor. By using the 12V version (this refers to the lamp voltage, the power packs run on 230V), a very narrow beam lamp can be used enabling the Mirage to be inserted inside standard triangle trussing using the trussing mounting kit.

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