EAW System for Dodgers Stadium
Thursday, 10 May 2001
The LA Dodgers are enjoying a new sound system for the 2001 season, which opened with 53,154 Dodger fans witnessing a 1 - 0 win over Milwaukee Brewers. The new sound system enhanced the event from the first note of Barry Manilow’s national anthem to the last call by public address announcer Mike Carlucci. Acoustic Dimensions, project led by Steve Shull, spent the end of the 2000 season going through fan surveys and conducting interviews with team members and management to research the challenges of the original system, then fast-tracked the solution during the off-season. The new design includes replacement of the old central cluster with an EAW KF900-based system. New Meyer MSL 4s make up the left and right field effects clusters, which allow ping-pong and panning of sound effects or organ music across the stadium. Additional loudspeakers provide coverage to the outfield bleacher seating, and delay speakers cover certain areas that are shadowed by the cluster.

The audio contractor was Pro Sound of Las Vegas with project manager Larry Spurgeon and project engineer Scott Marcellus coordinating. Shull, Spurgeon and Marcellus have a history of working together which made for smooth planning and execution between consultant and contractor. "This project involved some very complex engineering and processing. It was a real pleasure to work with guys that have been to the rodeo," Shull said. The new system is unbelievably clear with incredible low frequency energy. "The system exceeded even our expectations for reproducing low-end frequencies as well as being tight and very natural," said Craig Janssen, the design team leader for Acoustic Dimensions. "“During the testing and adjustment process, we checked with security officials to verify a stop time for the night. They told us that they loved the new system."

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