Martin Wins Nordlys Lighting Competition
Friday, 4 May 2001
On March 30-31 over 80 of Scandinavia’s top lighting professionals, including architects, engineers and lighting designers, gathered in Aarhus, Denmark for the annual Nordlys Lighting Seminar. A large part of the seminar consisted of the viewing and evaluation of 11 'lighting experiments', each experiment created by a different lighting manufacturer. For four evenings buildings, monuments, bridges, sculptures and open space were illuminated around the town of Aarhus in an impressive display of the possibilities of architectural lighting. On Friday evening, the 80 participants voted for their favorite ‘experiment’.

The overall winner was Bispehave Tårnet (Bispehave Tower) illuminated by Martin Professional’s local distributor Martin Danmark. Lighting Designer of the winning project was Peer Ostergaard from Martin Danmark who commented about the design, "Being a water tower, the idea was to create the illusion of a glass of sparkling mineral water. We used Exterior 600s to produce a dark blue base with lighter shades of blue nearer the top. Finally we added bubbles created with rotating glass gobos from MAC 2000s for the very top."

Nordlys seminar was sponsored by Denmark’s Lysteknisk Selskab (Technical Lighting Association) in cooperation with other Scandinavian lighting associations from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

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