Lighting Op Training from AC Inc
Wednesday, 25 April 2001
Following the arrival of Mike Falconer as technical sales and support consultant, AC Lighting Inc is embarking on significant programme of operator training for its wide range of lighting control consoles. MA Lighting's grandMA, the Event 4 from Jands and Zero 88's new Fat Frog are the main focus of the training programme with courses running on average once per month. Training is available is various formats and certification levels, depending on the needs of the user and is free of charge at the offices of AC Lighting Inc in Agoura Hills, just outside of Los Angeles.

Level One certification introduces the principles and basics of working with the console concerned and is ideal for people wanting to know what the console can offer the user or for the user who is not programming. Level Two certification is full-blown programmer training and is aimed at existing console programmers and lighting designers. Level Three certification is for system designers and installers covering advanced console interfacing and customization. Level Three is designed as a supplement to the Level Two certification training course.

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