Hawthorn Theatrical Goes With ML 5000
Wednesday, 25 April 2001
Leicestershire-based Hawthorn Theatrical has acquired Allen & Heath's flagship product, the ML5000, in order to handle the varied demands of the corporate events environment. Nick Key, Hawthorn's project manager, was impressed by the flexibility of the dual function FOH/monitor mixer which features 16 auxes, eight audio groups and eight mute group matrix, with in-ear monitoring (IEM) facilities. The enhanced feature set includes LCRplus for more realistic aural editing and VCAs, both essential in theatrical environments. The innovative group/aux structure also proved to be a winner as it offers quick configuration and intuitive control. Combined with two 24-channel sidecars, this provides outstanding capabilities with the option of up to 96 channels, if needed.

Equally vital to Hawthorn's decision to choose the ML 5000 was the question of dimension. The lightweight design - described as a 'two-man lift' - and compact size made the ML5000 the ideal choice for a market where seating capacity cannot be compromised by bulky equipment.

Andy McGregor of LMC, the company who supplied the desk to Hawthorn Theatrical, believes this unique versatility was the most important factor in the ML5000 being chosen. Taken in conjunction with a sound and build quality equivalent to far more expensive desks, the ML5000 offers a sophisticated solution at the right price. After putting the desk through its paces at a corporate event held in the Telford International Centre recently, Nick Key voiced the company's satisfaction with their choice: "It did everything we chucked at it. It's one hell of a desk."

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