Lightfactor’s Apogee Open Day
Monday, 23 April 2001
Lightfactor Sales, UK distributor for Apogee Sound products are holding an Open Day on Thursday 24 May in order to demonstrate the diversity of this range of quality pro audio products. The event will be held at Lightfactor’s new demo facilities located just inside the M25 in northwest London. The demo room has been relocated, rebuilt, expanded and remodelled - within the same building - to reflect the constantly evolving product portfolio represented by Lightfactor. The Apogee Open Day will feature hands-on and working demonstrations of the full product range, including the new ALA-9 line array concert series loudspeakers (launched spectacularly in the UK by Lightfactor earlier in the year at Bovingdon Airfield), F-series amplifiers, ACS Contractor speakers and the popular AE range of cabinets. The demo will also include the UK-debut of Apogee’s new APL series of self-powered loudspeaker products. The event is aimed at attracting individuals and companies from all areas of the professional audio industry - from sound engineers, designers and specifiers to venue owners and rental companies working in the live, conference, corporate and installation markets. Full sets of product info and literature will be available to take away, and an Apogee engineer will be in residence to answer all leading questions and deal with the in-depth technicals. With the new Lightfactor demo room now up-and-running, sound and lighting demonstrations will become a permanent feature of the company’s HQ. Lightfactor’s MD Paul de Ville comments: "We want to focus attention to the massive potential, power and quality of the Apogee range. The new facilities are ideal to demonstrate this as well as offering people the opportunity to make their own judgment."

The demos will be structured in groups and will start at around 11am and will be on-going throughout the day, finishing around 5pm. Please call Paul de Ville on +44 (0)20 8575 5566 for more details.

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