PLASA Set for 2001 AGM
Friday, 20 April 2001
The 2001 PLASA AGM, along with the popular AGM Dinner, will take place on Thursday 14 June in the historic setting of Coombe Abbey, near Coventry. Set in 500 acres of parkland and dating back to 1150, this former Cistercian Abbey is now a thriving hotel and conference centre. In a slightly revised format for 2001, the day will include an opportunity for members to meet with key representatives of PLASA’s various operations in a number of small, hour-long ‘break-out sessions’. These will be organised as follows:

- PLASA Show - members of the Clarion Events show management team and members of the PLASA Exhibitor Forum will be on hand to discuss PLASA Show-related issues.
- Membership Services - PLASA’s head office staff dealing with membership services will be joined by consultants from certain of our service providers and members of the PLASA Executive Committee.
- PLASA Standards - PLASA’s Technical Standards Officer Tim Cox will be joined by consultants and other of PLASA’s standards representatives to discuss Standards-related topics.

As part of PLASA’s aim of increasing the opportunities for useful communication with its members, these sessions are intended to provide an informal environment for discussion, feedback and questions. PLASA’s managing director Matthew Griffiths comments: "We hope these sessions will prove a valuable use of the time between the AGM and the start of the evening’s entertainment. By offering the chance of an informal meeting with key representatives of the Association, we hope to generate some useful discussions, both to help our members better understand how the Association works, and also for us to gain the kind of valuable feedback that will enable us to more effectively target our work in serving their interests."

For the fifth year running, the PLASA AGM Dinner, with its special guest speakers, will complete the day’s activities. Matthew Griffiths adds: "Over the past few years, the AGM has developed from being a simple meeting to being a far more rounded ‘event’. We have worked hard to provide the maximum chance for our members to benefit from the day, and I feel that any member who wants to play a pro-active role in the development of the Association should not miss this excellent opportunity. This applies not only from a PLASA point of view, but also with regard to the wider social and networking opportunities the occasion provides."

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