BigSound is Big on Midas
Thursday, 19 April 2001
Since the conception of The Big Sound Corporation (BigSound) at the beginning of this year, the company has come to own more Midas consoles than any other company in Wales. BigSound has invested in a total of four Midas consoles - two Heritage 1000s and two Heritage 3000s - from the Birmingham branch of LMC Audio Systems, in order to make Midas consoles available to local bands in Wales. Their Heritage 1000s make regular appearances at Sam’s Bar in Cardiff, a must-play venue whose walls have been shaken by Welsh idols such as the Manics and Catatonia. BigSound find the Heritage 1000 perfect for such a venue, as Duncan Wild from BigSound explains: "The Heritage 1000 has the headroom and sound of a Midas console but put in a compact frame. Delivering this kind of sound outside a 1500-plus venue is a dream."

Proprietor David Davies said: "Like most PA company owners, I played in a band and I would have loved to have had the opportunity to use a Midas. It feels great to know I’ve played a key part in making such equipment available in Wales. Every engineer wants to use them and that’s why we’ve invested in four consoles."

The Midas consoles add to BigSound’s inventory of a wide array of high end PA equipment, which includes an Allen & Heath ML5000 and an Allen & Heath MixWizard, 36 BSS FCS966 OPAL graphics plus Omnidrive Compacts and BSS Minidrives, Drawmer DS201s, Behringer Multigate Pros and a selection of Shure and AKG mics - all purchased from LMC. BigSound services both concert touring and corporate clients throughout the UK providing rigs from 2.5k to 75k, all from its own stock.

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