New Audio Products from Gemini Sound
Wednesday, 11 April 2001
New Audio Products from Gemini Sound
Gemini Sound Products has introduced the XPM-3000 three-channel MOSFET professional power amplifier, which incorporates two satellite ‘main’ channels and one subwoofer channel with switchable low frequency boost. The XPM-3000, which can be operated without the subwoofer channel, offers stability of the latter down to a 2ohm load, and post crossover line level outputs for chaining additional subwoofers and satellite speakers. Other features include high-power output to avoid clipping, two-way Linkwitz-Riley crossover, oversized torroidal transformer, comprehensive speaker protection circuitry and signal ground lift switch.

Also new from Gemini is the UX-1600 UHF wireless microphone system. Offering 16 channels, the UX-1600 has both balanced and unbalanced output jacks, an LED indicator for RF located on the front panel, alongside an accessible squelch control. Housed in a half-rackspace mounting unit, the UX-1600 also features auto-mute circuitry to eliminate popping and static when the mic is out of range, plus a frequency-tuned quarter-wavelength antenna. The UX-1600 is available in hand-held, lavalier or headset models. Also new from Gemini are the UX-1610 diversity wireless mic system and the UX-1620 dual-channel UHF system.

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