L-Acoustics Modelling Software
Thursday, 29 March 2001
L-Acoustics and CATT-Acoustic have been working in close collaboration to develop a DLL Directivity Interface (DDI) for modelling V-DOSC and dV-DOSC. This WST DDI allows for directivity modeling of L-Acoustics’ Wavefront Sculpture Technology (WST-based) line source arrays and represents a significant advancement in addressing the needs of acoustic consultants and sound designers. Generally, acoustical prediction software programs describe the directivity of a sound reinforcement system with a balloon representing the magnitude of the sound pressure as a function of site and azimuth radiation angles. This type of balloon works for a single source, but is not sufficient to simulate the behaviour of large line source arrays that have both an extended near-field and distance-dependent directivity. Developed using proprietary theoretical modeling, the WST DDI allows the user to make accurate SPL predictions of L-Acoustics’ WST-based line source arrays in either a venue (including the effects of room acoustics) or in open air situations. CATT-Acoustic also allows for SPL mapping, calculation of room acoustics parameters (such as STI) and auralization in order to evaluate system performance prior to actual installation. L-Acoustics is currently working with EASE to develop the same type of modelling capability for this industry-standard program in order to make modeling of WST-based line source arrays even more accessible.

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