Kiss me In Kilmarnock
Friday, 23 March 2001
The Palace Theatre in Kilmarnock, Scotland, has just received the kiss of life thanks to a recent lottery grant. A complete sound system refit has been carried out in time for the opening production of the new season - ‘Kiss Me Kate’. The comprehensive new sound system, designed by Graham Bodenham of GB Audio and installed by Northern Light of Edinburgh, brings The Palace into the 21st century, and provides the ability to cope with the increasingly sophisticated technical demands of modern theatre productions. Key elements of the system are a Shermann loudspeaker and amplifier system, a 32-channel Soundcraft K3 mixing console, Yamaha 03D digital mixing console, Sennheiser UHF wireless kits, and a Sennheiser Infrared system. Other kit in the new inventory includes AKG, Audio-Technica, Crown and Shure microphones, Tascam MD and CD players, Denon CD players, Roland EQs and Yamaha effects.

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