Stagetec’s Product Day
Friday, 23 March 2001
Stagetec held a product day at the Centre in Slough earlier this month. Primary focus was on the Compulite and LSC product ranges, with several new products previewed by both companies. Compulite showed the new CompuDIM 2000 touring version of their high-specification modular digital dimming system. This compact 24 x 2.5kW or 12 x 5kW system includes many advanced features including two DMX and Ethernet inputs, full status reporting both on the built in LCD screen and back to any Compulite desk, RCD protection per module and option of hard wire bypass switches for powering moving lights. New software was previewed for the 4D range with many new features geared to the architectural control market, including an event Scheduler and facility to operate the consoles from macro panels. These new features have already been utilised for lighting control at the BBC Concert Hall in Maida Vale and St Johns Beacon in Liverpool.

LSC previewed the new maXim control desk, due to be launched later this year. This is a powerful, easy to use range of control desks which combine the right mix of functions, large memory capacity, reliability and elegant design. The maXim is destined to lead the industry as the choice of control desk for theatre, events, touring shows and rental companies. A wide range of products was also on show from other suppliers including the Martin MAC2000, High End Studio Beam, Coemar CF7, TMB 575W MSR Source 4 PAR and the new Compucall telephone to DMX interface. Representatives were on hand from both Compulite and LSC to discuss the new products and any other requirements. The day was well attended with a steady flow of people throughout the day from a cross-section of the industry.

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