Wembley Launches 15 - 400 Pro
Monday, 19 March 2001
Wembley Loudspeaker has launched a new 15 - 400 Pro Cabinet to coincide with this year’s Frankfurt Music Exhibition. These two-way speaker enclosures have been developed for the professional audio user, and are suitable for mobile applications or installations, as parts of larger sound systems or as stand-alone units. The cabinets are rated at 400W RMS continuous and their performance has hugely impressed listeners, surpassing the output and quality of many more expensive makes. The 15 - 400 Pro contains a PTP 15-190 15" driver and a TP 300 flare, along with a proprietary European compression driver and adjustable crossover, with all the necessary protection built in. The cabinet is rigidly constructed covered in black carpet as standard and weighing in a 30kg they are easily portable. Fittings include protecting corners, top hats, metal grab handles and a full metal grill. Connection is via twin speakons.

Wembley Loudspeaker MD Paul MacCallum has built a reputation for producing high performance audio products, and he is delighted with the new enclosure: "We have looked at the design and components very carefully and tested various connotations to create the optimum performance for this niche of loudspeaker cabinet," said MacCallum.

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