Strand Lights Eastbourne Theatres
Wednesday, 14 March 2001
Eastbourne Council has embarked on a general lighting upgrade effective across the town’s three main theatres, The Congress, Devonshire Park, and The Winter Gardens. Knowing from the outset that Strand was the brand of choice to suit their requirements, the theatres’ technical team approached a number of suppliers before opting for London-based White Light - one of Strand Lighting’s trading partners in the UK. The complete order comprised a total of 80 Cantata fresnels and 16 Alto fresnels, all complete with barndoors and other associated accessories, as well as 18 SL15/32 zoom coolbeam spotlights. The fittings were supplied ready to go by White light which, combined with the company’s service policy, was an important factor in securing the sale.

Douglas Morgan, of the Eastbourne Theatres’ technical team, commented: "We had made an informed decision that Strand Lighting was the only route to take for Eastbourne’s Theatres. Most of the existing lighting is Strand and as well as the want for overall conformity, the quality of the Strand ranges is second to none - the fittings are robust and user-friendly. Additionally, the experience of the theatres, as receiving houses, is that most productions companies prefer designing their lighting arrangements through CAD packages, and therefore with Strand Lighting. Thus we find that our theatres greatly facilitate their production needs."

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