Toxic8, Cambridge
Thursday, 9 November 2000
A major sound, lighting and video installation has just been completed at the new Toxic8 club in Cambridge. With interior design by Steve Howie of Howie Designs, the club’s visual inspiration drew on the imagery of Fritz Lang’s 1927 masterpiece movie Metropolis. But Toxic8 is anything but silent!

CP Sound won the technical design and installation contract amidst stiff competition: audio throughout was designed by CP’s Colin Pattenden with lighting by CP’s Russ Evans.

A ground-floor bar acts as a feeder area for the 500-capacity club, and features music and visuals controlled from behind the bar via a six-way switch and volume control installed by CP Sound, together with three Sony K5 televisions and six JBL Control 28 speakers. Additionally, a mobile DJ set-up is available for special events. This consists of a Denon 2000 Mk 3 twin CD player and a Citronic 10/4 mixer and mic. The first and second floors have been fused into one area: the audio spec here includes another Citronic 10/4 mixer and Denon CD player, two Technics 1210 decks in the DJ box and a customised CP 10/1050 DJ monitor. Dancefloor speakers are two twin 15" 1200W JBL i-746 cabinets, and for the mid-range, JBL 300W MS112 tops, hung in the corners of the void area.

Dancefloor lighting includes three Solar 250 projectors with red infused oil wheels and eight MADScan 411 APs in the void, pointing up and down. Control is from a Pulsar Masterpiece 216. On the second floor, fixtures include two 1500W Anytronics Megastrobes, four additional MADScans, two ITM 250 MADScans and four ITM 250 MADStars. Another three Solar 250s with oil wheels are focused on the walls. At each corner of the lighting truss is a 300W JBL MS105 cabinet, pointing outwards above the void.

On the third floor VIP area, CP rigged four JBL Control 25s. Again, the six-way selector and volume control for these is behind the bar, together with a 110-disk CD player. Atmospheric lighting comes from another four Solar 250s with oil wheels.

CP Sound also designed the sound and rigged Control 25 speakers in Toxic8’s two stairwells - ensuring that music is everywhere - even in the toilets, which feature Paco 8" ceiling speakers. All speakers throughout the building are driven from the first floor amplifier room, containing a host of control and processing devices including a full selection of RSE amplifiers.

The club launched in time to catch the new academic year where it should prove a popular haunt for the students who, when they have finished debating the schizoid postmodern dialectics of Metropolis, can pepper their studies with some serious partying!

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