Safety First for Stage FX
Tuesday, 31 October 2000
Skyhigh Stage FX has designed a new range of pyro detonating systems - the PDS Range. The company claims that this new range is one of the safest pyro firing systems commercially available. As soon as the PDS firing key is turned to arm the system, not only does the fire button illuminate, making it perfectly clear the system is armed, but also an LED is illuminated on the Smartpod, informing anyone at the business end, that the system is now armed. The LED is bi coloured, and serves two purposes. It not only warns personnel on stage that the system is armed, but it also informs them whether or not the pyro in the Smartpod has a circuit through it.A Smartpod will only pass an electrical signal to a pyro once. If a pyro fails to go off the first time, the system has to be re-set, before that pod will receive a signal again, thus eliminating a possibility of an unexpected explosion. Currently the PDS range consists of two channel, four channel, plus 12 and 24-channel systems. Plans are in place to manufacture all but the two channel as ready flightcased packages, with space in the case for pods and cables.

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