Mackie Buys Digital Systems Specialist
Monday, 7 August 2000
Mackie Designs Inc has completed the purchase of Canadian company Acuma Labs Ltd - a developer of real-time embedded systems for professional audio applications. Acuma specializes in digital signal processors, microprocessors, digital audio effects, analogue and digital software, real-time operating systems, interfaces, and hardware design. "Acuma provides focused digital technology resources to Mackie's engineering group," said Peter Watts, Mackie's executive vice-president of engineering, "enhancing our development of increasingly sophisticated professional audio products".Jamie Engen, Mackie's COO, added: "While not material from a financial standpoint, Acuma's world-class digital software and hardware engineering team does materially strengthen our engineering group. Acuma will help Mackie provide unique and powerful solutions to the professional audio community."

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